Çerez Örnek


In accordance with the decision of the Ege University Underwater Research and Application Center, Ege University Senate, Decision No. 5/1995 and 7/13, and the approval of the Council of Higher Education dated 1.4.1992, Annex 1 of the Regulation on Academic Organization in Universities Ege University Rectorate. In addition to carrying out all kinds of research and underwater activities in marine and inland waters, it organizes sportive, commercial and academic diving courses. We have a dive boat EGEDERIN (10 m length, 121 kW engine), various SCUBA diving and underwater equipment used for different purposes.

Our center cooperates with institutions and organizations in different kinds of researches and other activities in marine and inland waters. The center performs research and applications, make suggestions, and organise findings on sea pollution and management of water resources in marine and inland waters in Turkey. Survey of living marine resources, exploitation of natural resources, improving and enhancing of economically important marine resources, research and applications on aquaculture fisheries are priority areas for research of the center. The center plans geological and sedimentological studies in marine and inland waters and help the institutions. Our center organises studies on physical and chemical oceanography in marine and inland waters and assistance the institutions. The center performs and supports archaeological studies to find shipwrecks, submerged structures in and around coastal waters. The Research and Application Center also employs to determine marine national park and protected areas and help institutions. The service of consultancy, training, research, construction and deployment and survey on artificial reefs had been provided by the experts of the center. The center performs researches on exploitation and management of resources of marine and inland waters and makes suggestions on environmental problems. Dive team of our center can carry out any diving operation for research and other applications. The center has been many national projects since today. We collaborate with national and international institutions in field of study related to the area of expertise. The center organises workshop and conference on marine life to inform staff and students of Ege University and public.

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